Fortnite Building Tips, from beginner to advanced. Learning to aim is only half the battle in Fortnite Battle Royale – winners know how to build.

The ability to construct walls, ramps, and complex structures in mere seconds makes it possible to quickly hide from enemy fire or gain a height advantage over your opponents. It’s a hugely important skill if you want to master the game, but with no official tutorial, it’s one you’ll have to learn for yourself.

With that in mind, here’s a basic fortnite building tips guide for Battle Royale, along with a few advanced moves and some general tips.

Building 101

Before you can build anything, you’ll need to collect some materials. Thankfully, pretty much anything you see in Fortnite Battle Royale can be mined for building blocks using the pickaxe you get at the beginning of each game. Try chopping up trees or sheds for wood, which is the quickest to build with but breaks easily. You can also mine bricks from buildings and metal from the cars scattered across the map, both of which are more durable materials but slower for building.

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Fortnite Building Tips – Basics

1.Craft Building to Survive

fortnite building tips craft to survive

Building is a unique feature in Fortnite and provides many advantages from allowing you to access high places to throwing up a physical shield to block enemy fire. It can even save you from a fall, depending on the situation.

2.How to Get Building Materials

Every player starts a game holding a harvesting tool (in this case, the default pickaxe). Use this on objects (trees, buildings, cars, etc.) and building materials will be added to your inventory. You can also pick up materials as loots that are naturally scatted on the map or dropped by enemy players after death.

Hit the Circle for More Materials

fortnite building tips extracting materials

When harvesting materials, aim at the blue circle to get 2x or more materials per hit. Aiming at the blue circle also destroys it faster.

3.Available Building Materials

fortnite building tips materials

4. Know What you can Build

Each unit you build requires 10pcs of material, regardless of which one you use to make it.

4.1.Wall – Use as Shield, Break Line of Sight

fortnite building tips

Useful as a physical shield against enemy fire and as a foundation for making high towers.

4.2.Floor – Break Your Fall, Set a Trap or Launcher

fortnite building tips

Floors are commonly used as a bridge or as a means to break your fall from a cliff. It can also be equipped with traps as well as the Launcher when you want to get to another area quickly.

4.3.Stairs – Get to Hard-to-Reach Places

fortnite building tips

Stairs are the most commonly used building unit as it’s used to climb over obstacles, reach high ground, and in creating towers.

4.4.Roof – Create Your Own Cover

fortnite building tips

Roofs are useful to protect against attacks from above.

4.5.Edit – Make It Suit Your Needs

fortnite building tips

Customize your structures as the need arises but there are limits to how you can edit your structure. The panels will turn red if the edits you want are not allowed.

4.6.Save Fail Builds Using Edit

If you find yourself trapped inside your own structure or built a stair in the wrong direction, you don’t need to destroy what you have built. Just edit!

5.Practical Building Use – Fortnite Building Tips

5.1.Using Stairs to Climb A Mountain

use stairs to climb mountain

Build along the side of a mountain to get to the top.

5.2.Use Floors to Bridge Mountains

use floors to bridge mountains

Save yourself the trouble of climbing back down by building a bridge.

5.3.Add Windows and Doors to Structures

add windows and doors

Add a window to shoot out from or add a door for a quick escape.

5.4.Utilize And Build Roofs Over Structures

build roofs over structures

Aside from giving added protection from attacks from above, the pyramid-like structure is a strategic cover because of it’s angular structure and can also be used as a vantage point when sniping enemies!

6.Final Basic Fortnite Building Tips

Building in Fortnite is fun, but keep these in mind to make the best of your structures.

6.1.Builds Can Be Destroyed And Repaired

builds can be destroyed and repaired

Players can destroy your structure by attacking it. Damaged structures can also be repaired as long as you have enough materials to do so.

6.2.There Must Be An Anchor


You can only build structures if they are solidly anchored. Similarly, it’s possible to topple a full tower by destroying its foundation. This is also an effective strategy against enemy players running on a high structure.

6.3.Customize Keybinds for Faster Building

Whoever builds faster has a higher chance of surviving. Increase your chances by customizing keybinds for faster access to building keys.

Fortnite Building Tips – Beginner Level

1.Single & Duel Stairs

Learn to craft the Dual Stairs Combo in Fortnite Battle Royale and create safer stairs to reach the high ground and get the Victory Royale.

1.1.Single-Row Stairs Can Be Risky

single row stairs can be risky

Constructing single-row stairs to reach the high ground can be quick and easy. However, there are some situations where single-row stairs can do more harm than help.

1.2.Single-Row Stairs Are Easily Collapsible

An enemy focusing their fire at the base of your stairs can collapse your whole structure after destroying your base!

1.3.Reinforcing Your Structure May Help

fortnite building tips - reinforicing your structur may help

By adding walls and floors to your single-row stairs, you may be able to make your structure sturdier.However it can still collapse. Despite this, once your structure’s base is obliterated you can still come crashing down!

2.Construct Dual Stairs For Safety

fortnite building tips - construct dual stairs

Constructing Dual Stairs can negate some of the downsides of single-row stairs!

2.1.How To Build This Structure

Step 1:Construct Two Stairs Side-By-Side

fortnite building tips - how to build dual stairs

Start by constructing one stair and immediately making another one on either of its sides. Stand in the middle of the two stairs.

Step 2: Run Up The Middle While Constructing

fortnite building tips - how to build dual stairs 2

With stairs still selected in Build Mode, run up the middle of your dual stairs while minimally shifting your view from left to right and vice-versa to create dual stairs!

Step 3: Rinse & Repeat

Repeat this process as many times as you like!

2.2.The Strength Of The Dual Stairs Combo

  • Enemies Need More Time & Effort To Destroy This Structure

dual stairs strenghts

Losing one panel on your base will not bring down your structure! It will take the enemy more time and bullets to collapse your dual stairs. That is if you’re not firing at them already!

  • The Weakness Of The Dual Stairs Combo Takes More Resources To Build

While the technique for building dual stairs can be picked up pretty easily, it still takes up more resources than building single-row stairs. Only build dual stairs when necessary!

3.Reinforce Your Dual Stairs With Walls

fortnite building tips - dual stairs weaknesses

Do you feel that your dual stairs need to be more sturdy in order to withstand a longer fight? Reinforce your double stairs with walls!

3.1.How to build this structure

Step 1:Construct Two Stairs Side-By-Side

fortnite building tips - reinforce stairs

Just like the dual stairs combo, start by making two stairs side-by-side, and stand in the middle of them.

Step 2: Add Walls For Both Stairs

fortnite building tips - reinforce stairs 2

Before moving up the double stairs, aim in front of your stairs to add walls.

Step 3: Rinse & Repeat While Moving Up

reinforce stairs 3

Repeat this process as many times as you like!

3.2.The Strength Of The Dual Stairs Combo With Walls

  • Absorbs More Damage Before Collapsing

dual stairs combo

By adding walls to your dual stairs, your structure can now absorb more damage and takes more time to destroy! This can buy you enough time to think and execute your next move!

3.3.The Weakness Of The Dual Stairs Combo With Walls

  • This Structure Uses Up More Resources

Dual stairs with walls can take up more of your resources and time when creating, but it might just save your life! This structure can also stand longer fights before it collapses!

  • Needs To Be Practiced First

Practice building this structure in a no pressure environment first. Jump into playground mode to practice this so you don’t mess it up in important fights!

4.Add Floors For Maximum Safety

add maximum floors

Adding floors to your dual stairs with walls will make your structure sturdier and can make the difference in some endgame scenarios! Note that this is not the only way to play the endgame, but is a useful strategy you can add to your arsenal!

4.1How To Build This Structure

Step 1: Start By Building Two Floors

add more floors

Start by creating two floors side by side.

Step 2: Move Up While Adding Stairs & Walls

floor trick

Add your first row of stairs and walls while moving up.

Step 3:Rinse & Repeat

floor repeats

Do this process as many times as you like!

5.The Strengths Of The Dual Stairs Combo With Walls & Floors

5.1.Takes More Time To Destroy Than Dual Stairs With Walls

fortnite building tips

This structure will take the most effort and time for the enemy to destroy since walls and floors will absorb damage first before your stairs!

5.2.Floors Can Catch You If You Fall

If the enemy destroys your wall and stairs, don’t worry about falling! Floors are there to catch you!

6.The Weakness Of The Dual Stairs Combo With Walls & Floors

6.1.Uses The Most Materials & Time

dual stairs combo weakness

Of the three structures discussed in this guide, this structure may take the most time and resources to build. Use this in endgame fights when your survival is the number one priority!

6.2.Needs Lots Of Practice To Successfully Build

It would be almost impossible to quickly build this structure without any practice! Practice building this first in a no-pressure environment like Playground Mode to get the hang of the building pattern!

Fortnite Building Tips – Editing Buildings/Beginner Level

1.What’s The Use Of Editing Buildings

editing buildings

Editing buildings allows you to customize the structures you have built. The changes can be practical to get the Victory Royale, or for aesthetic – let your imagination run wild!

2.Edit Buildings For Your Convenience

2.1.Create Windows To Give You Vision

Creating a window on your wall will provide you a means of spotting and shooting down enemies. It can also help provide you with some cover so that other players won’t be able to hurt you back!

2.2.Create A Door For A Sneaky Exit

While enemies are busy shooting down the front of your Fort, create a door to sneak away from danger! You don’t need to waste precious time destroying the wall you just made!

2.3.Scout Your Building’s Lower Floors

Editing an opening onto your floor allows you to scout the lower parts of your structure or building!

3.How To Edit Buildings – Fortnite Building Tips

Editing may look like a tedious task, but as soon as you get the hang of it, you’ll be editing structures on the fly! With practice, you can even learn how to edit structures in the middle of a build battle!

3.1.Stand Close To Structures To Open Your Edit Menu

Standing close to a structure built by yourself or an ally will show the Edit prompt. You cannot edit structures built by enemy players.

3.2.Erase Mistakes By Resetting Your Edits

fortnite building tips

If you’re unhappy with the edits you have made, you can use the Reset option to return all of the panels that you have edited.

3.3.There Are Some Edits You Just Can’t Do

fortnite building tips

Some edits cannot be done. The panels will turn red if the edit you want is not allowed by the game.

4.Editing Patterns – Walls

4.1.Editing Walls – Door

Doors allow you to enter closed structures as well as provide an escape route without the need to destroy your wall.


fortnite building tips


fortnite building tips

4.2.Editing Walls – Window

Create an opening to shoot out from while staying behind cover.



fortnite building tips

5.Editing Walls – Triangular Openings

This opening provides vision for you to shoot down enemies in your line of sight while providing you with lots of cover so they won’t be able to shoot back!



fortnite building tips

5.1.Editing Walls – Partial Wall

You can use the remaining portion of the wall to ambush careless enemies running past.



fortnite building tips

5.2.Editing Walls – Two Windows

Keep enemies guessing where you’ll appear next! Alternatively, two teammates can have their own window and focus their fire on a single target!



5.3.Editing Walls – Window & Door

Provide cover fire for you teammates and allow them to enter your shelter with these fortnite building tips.


fortnite building tips


5.4.Editing Walls – Arch

Create an Arch to allow a number of players pass through, and quickly reset your edit to revert it back to a wall!


fortnite building tips


5.5.Editing Walls – Half Arch

It is possible to connect it with another half arch to make a large entrance for your whole squad to pass through at the same time.


fortnite building tips


6.Editing Patterns – Floors

6.1.Editing Floors – One Square

Create a means of shooting enemies passing underneath. The opening also provides you some cover so enemies won’t be able to shoot back at you!



fortnite building tips

6.2.Editing Floors – Two Adjacent Squares

This creates a balcony that provides you some cover when you’re crouched.



fortnite building tips

6.3.Editing Floors – Three Squares

This can function as a sniper’s nest if installed high enough, providing an unobstructed view of the battlefield below.


fortnite building tips


6.4.Editing Floors – Two Diagonal Squares

This functions as a bridge and can be used to diagonally traverse large structures.


fortnite building tips


7.Editing Patterns – Stairs

Unlike other edits, editing stairs requires you to hold down the mouse to select the direction of your edit. In this section, we have provided arrows to show the drag direction for each edit.

7.1.Editing Stairs – Changing Stairs Directions

To change the direction of the stairs without changing the form, drag the center tile in the direction of the edit you want to make.


fortnite building tips

7.2.Editing Stairs – House Stairs

House Stairs allow other teammates to pass through one side unlike a normally built set of stairs.



fortnite building tips

7.3.Editing Stairs – L-Shaped Stairs

This allows you to change the direction where your stairs normally connect.



7.4.Editing Stairs – Spiral Stairs

Spiral Stairs allow you to access the floor directly above you instead of needing to build two stairs.


fortnite building tips


fortnite building tips

8.Editing Patterns – Roofs

8.1.Editing Roofs – One Square

Create a corner roof which can be used to expand the roofing of a structure.



fortnite building tips

8.2.Editing Roofs – Two Adjacent Squares

Like the single square edit, this provides elements that can create roofing for larger structures.



fortnite building tips

8.3.Editing Roofs – Three Squares

Use this edit to create a fort corner similar to that of the Port-a-Fort.


fortnite building tips


8.4.Editing Roofs – Two Diagonal Squares

Create a steep roof that you can take shelter under and exit quickly.


fortnite building tips


Fortnite Building Tips – Intermediate Techniques / Survive Falling by Building

Prevent yourself from falling to your death with this guide on how to survive falling by crafting build structures in Fortnite.

1.Falling From High Places is Lethal

Jumping from great heights can easily cost you half your health and even knock you down if it’s high enough. Fall damage completely bypasses shields and takes a chunk out of your health as soon as you hit the ground.

1.1.The Safe Fall Distance

The maximum height you can fall off from without taking any fall damage is three floors up. Keep this in mind whenever you jump down anyplace or when building towers!

2.How to Not Take Fall Damage

Creating structures mid-fall can completely negate or decrease fall damage if done right. You can even create multiple structures to get down from high cliffs or areas faster!

Step 1 – Open Stairs in Build Mode

Open build mode and select stairs before jumping from any high place. We recommend putting it on a hotkey to make it easier to open in case you fall accidentally!

Stairs are recommended!

Since Stairs have elevation, falling at the top of it shortens your fall distance. It also has a larger area so it is relatively easier to land on.

Step 2 – Place Stairs Under You

Look down and place the structure under you as you fall. This will cushion your fall and prevent any fall damage if you do it at the right height.

3.Tips to Master This Technique

3.1.Practice Quick Building

Learn how to create structures faster and on the fly! This will help you to create stairs faster and save you from death if you accidentally fall down!

3.2.Always Check if You Can Build

Stairs cannot be built without anything to attach to! If your Stairs outline is in red, it means it cannot be built there! Check around until it turns blue.

Fortnite Building Tips – Intermediate Level / Stair Rushing

This advanced building guide will teach you the basics of Stair Rushing in Fortnite Battle Royale. Learn to offensively rush enemies with stairs crafted to get the Victory Royale.

1.Building Is For Offense and Defense

The building mechanic used in Fortnite is a versatile gameplay element. Building structures can defend you from enemy fire, but can also give you the height advantage over other players.

1.1.Example: Dual Stairs Are For Offense & Defense

Dual Stairs are an example of both offensively and defensively building. It allows you to gain high ground, while making your stair structure sturdier so it does not collapse.

2.Stairs Are A Versatile Building Component

Stair Rushing is a technique allows you to rush enemies and get the high ground while also covering your front, back, top, and bottom.

Method 1: Stair Rush Using The Stair Tunnel

Here is the first method for this technique. Scroll down for the guide which shows you how to do the more advanced technique.

Step 1: Create A Floor

Creating a floor will provide your Stair Tunnel a base so it will not easily collapse.

Step 2: Create 2 Stairs On The Far & Near Side Of The Floor

After creating both stairs, stay in the middle of your floor and…

Step 3: Move Up While Creating Stairs

While aiming at the middle of both stairs, you will be able to create stairs on top and below you to cover your front and back.

Step 4: Repeat Step 3 As Much As Needed

Continue creating stairs as much as you want!

Method 2: Stair Rush Using Edits

This section will cover the second method of building your stairs. This method shields you from enemy fire directly in front of you. Loosen up your fingers cause we will be incorporating edits!

Step 1: Create A Floor

Like the basic method of building this structure, you will first need a base to snap your stairs on to.

Step 2: Create A Stair On The Floor

Snap on your stairs to the far side of the floor to create anchors.

Step 3: Move Up While Creating Stairs

Start building stairs like you normally would to get to the high ground.

Step 4: Create A Floor In Front Of You

Create a floor to shield yourself from enemy fire.

Step 5: Edit An Exit Out Of The Floor

You only need to edit out 1 corner. You can mix it up to keep the enemy guessing where you will pop out off!

Step 6: Repeat Steps 3 – 5 As Much As Needed

Rinse and repeat as much as you need to!

3.Uses Of The Stair Rush Technique

3.1.Stair Rush Is For Aggressive Play Styles

Aggressively Push Forward

This technique is used to cover yourself when rushing an enemy on high ground. Don’t let them shoot you down while you make your way up!

Cover Your Front & Back

The Stairs Tunnel Technique is also useful when rushing the high ground if you are unsure that other players are taking aim at you from behind!

4.Pros & Cons Of Stair Rushing

4.1.Strengths Of The Stair Rushing

  • Cover Your Back & Front

Anything can happen in the Battle Royale. Don’t carelessly leave your back with target painted on it by using the Stair Tunnel!

  • Rush The High Ground

Rush an enemy on high ground or get to the high ground safely by using the Stair Tunnel Technique!

4.2.Weaknesses Of Stair Rushing

  • Uses Lots Of Materials

Be prepared with a lot of materials because this technique uses up a lot of them! Remember you don’t want to run out of materials when you’re only halfway up the climb!

  • Requires Lots Of Practice

Practice this technique first in a no pressure environment to get the hang of the it before using it on competitive game modes!

Fortnite Building Tips – Intermediate Techniques / Fort Building

This building guide will teach you how to craft and use the basic Fort building in Fortnite. Learn tips on how to build and use the basic Tower to get the Victory Royale.

1.Building Towers Is An Essential Technique

For the game to have the word “Fort” in its title, you best believe that building and using a basic Fort is an essential technique to learn in Fortnite Battle Royale!

1.1.A Safe Haven For You

Basic Forts or Towers have many different uses to suit your needs. They provide great height advantage, good cover to shield and heal up, scout the area, and more!

2.How To Build A Basic Fort

Let’s run through the basics of creating a Tower step-by-step!

2.1.What You Will Need

  • At Least 170 Materials

To build a 3-storey Tower, you will need at least 170 pieces of material. It is recommended to use wood since it builds quickly and covers you faster!

  • Time For Practice

To master the art of building a basic Fort quickly, you will need time and patience to get the process down to a tee. Try jumping into Playground Mode to practice building your Towers!

2.2.Tower Building – Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Surround Yourself With Walls

Surrounding yourself with walls protects you from enemies surrounding your area.

Step 2: Jump & Build Stairs

Building stairs elevates you a bit, and gives you an instant height advantage.

Step 3: Surround The Upper Part With Walls

Create walls for your Tower’s second storey!

Step 4: Jump & Build A Floor

Building a floor will block any enemies trying to get to you from below!

Step 5: Repeat Steps 2 – 4

Repeating steps 2 – 4 will give you access to better height advantage. It also adds another blanket of security from enemies trying to follow you from below!

Step 6: Finish Your Tower By Building Stairs

Finally, build one more set of stairs so you can peek around on top of your Tower!

3.Pros & Cons Of The Tower

3.1.The Strengths Of The Tower

  • Towers Grant You A Big Height Advantage

With a freshly-constructed Tower, you instantly have 3 storeys worth of height advantage! Use your height advantage to scout the area for enemies, and rain down your firepower on other players!

  • Towers Protect Most Of Your Sides

With walls surrounding you, and floors and stairs below you, there would be no other way for the enemy to get to you other than above you!

  • Falling From Towers Will Not Give Fall Damage

Basic Forts are generally 3 storey’s tall so that if it ever gets destroyed and you fall, you will not take fall damage. Try not going for more than 3 storey’s when building your Tower!

3.2.The Weaknesses Of The Tower

  • Towers Stick Out Like A Sore Thumb

Player made structures can easily be differentiated by other players on the map. A Tower will immediately alert other players that another player has been there, or are still lurking around!

  • Basic Forts Consume Lots Of Materials

While the Tower has a lot of advantages, these come with a cost. You will need at least 170 materials to build a proper Tower. Making mistakes will consume more materials. Therefore, only use the Tower when necessary!

  • Building Towers Need Practice

Building the basic Fort has many steps, if you are trying to make one quickly, you might jumble up the steps and make mistakes. Practice first in a no pressure environment before building a Tower in other game modes!

4.Tips On Using The Basic Fort

4.1.Use Your Stairs As Quick Cover

Having stairs on top of your Fort will allow you to move in and out of cover so enemies will not be able to easily target you. Use your stairs to cover yourself when you need it!

4.2.Jump Down For A Quick Escape

Since Towers are generally 3 storeys high, jumping down for a quick escape will not give you any fall damage! Remember this when you quickly need to abandon your Fort!

4.3.Edit Your Way Out To Be More Discreet

Editing your structure for a more discreet way out can fool enemies into focusing their fire on your Fort while you make sneak away undetected! You can shoot them down while they’re distracted, or run away!

  • Survival Is Always The Key To Winning!

Remember that to win in Fortnite, you don’t need to have the most kills. All you need to do is survive the longest!

Advanced Level – Build to Take the High Ground

Get the High Ground fast with fortnite building tips! Here’s a step-by-step guide on crafting build structures to get the high ground advantage in Fortnite.

1.Be Tactical on the High Ground

fortnite building tips

Learning to use the HIgh Ground to your advantage is an essential skill to win in Fortnite!

1.1.Check Your Surroundings

From the High Ground, you can see farther than you would on the ground. Up high you can check for enemies or points of interests like supply drops or rifts!

1.2.Easier to Pick Off Enemies

The angle at the high ground makes it easier to hit enemies who are on level ground. You can even track their movement and get cheeky headshots from this angle!

1.3.Harder to be Hit

Being on the high ground makes it harder for enemies on the ground to aim and shoot at you due to the angle.

2.Creating the High Ground

You don’t need mountains to get the High Ground. Follow these steps to learn how you can build structures to get the high ground!

2.1.The Corner Method

fortnite building tips

  • Step 1 – Create Two Walls

fortnite building tips

Start off by creating two walls in an inverted L shape

  • Step 2 – Create Stairs

fortnite building tips

Jump up and create Stairs on the Left Wall. Now you have your first floor!

  • Step 3 – Repeat

fortnite building tips

Create Walls on top of the Walls you’ve made earlier then jump and create another Stairs! Repeat these steps until you get to the height you want!

Pros and Cons of the Corner Method

Pros This is more friendly towards beginners as the steps are less complicated than the R Method.
Cons The fort is very open from the back, leaving you vulnerable from attacks. You can fix this by adding more walls but at the cost of more materials.

2.2.The R Method

fortnite building tips

Step 1 – Create the Base

fortnite building tips

Create a Wall and place Stairs on top of it.

Step 2 – Add the Floor

fortnite building tips

Jump up and place the floor on top of the base. Add a wall in front of you too to keep you safe!

Step 3 – Repeat

fortnite building tips

Repeat the first two steps to keep creating floors!

Pros and Cons of the R Method

Pros This structure uses less materials than the first one, perfect if you’re trying to save on materials or if you don’t have enough.
Cons It is however way more open than the Corner Method. It’s open across three sides making you a sitting duck for ambushes!

3.Let’s Make These Forts Better

3.1.Keep it to Three Floors

fortnite building tips

Always remember that the maximum height you can fall from without damage is three floors up! Keep your structures at that height so you won’t fall to your death if it’s brought down!

3.2.Use Different Materials

fortnite building tips

Each material has its advantages. Try to use sturdier materials for the base of your structures to make it harder for enemies to bring it down.

3.3.Add Extra Walls

fortnite building tips

Keep yourself safe from all sides by creating additional walls around you. This make take a bit more time and materials, but it will keep you safe from being shot in the back or the side.

3.4.Edit your Structures

fortnite building tips

Create windows, cut stairs in half. Edit inside your fort to make it easier for you to get between floors or to gun down enemies!

Play Like A PRO – Build as you Fall

Crafting buildings as you fall & get an edge over others! Learn to prevent fall damage, go down buildings faster, & ambush your enemies with this Fortnite building tips guide.

1.Why Build While Falling?

fortnite building tips

Building while falling can give you many advantages in Fortnite – avoiding fall damage, sliding down heights faster, and using height advantage for surprise attacks on enemies!

1.1.Prevent Fall Damage

fortnite building tips

Falling from extreme heights is one way for players to get eliminated during a match. Building as you fall will help you prevent taking fall damage!

1.2.Surprise Attack Enemies

fortnite building tips

One common tactic to ambush enemies is to use your height advantage. Rain bullets down on your enemies by building as you fall!

1.3.Go Down Faster

You can utilize your building skills to help you get down from heights faster and get to your goal more quickly.

2.Build As You Fall Techniques

2.1.Check Where You Can Build

fortnite building tips

Always check first where you can build! You can’t build if the structure preview is in RED!

2.2.Build Walls & Floors

  • Building Walls

fortnite building tips

From the edge of where you want to fall from, aim your camera at your feet and build 2 consecutive walls!

  • Building Floors

fortnite building tips

As soon as you’ve built 2 walls, build a floor, this will stop your descent!

2.3.Limit To 2 Story Heights

fortnite building tips

Try to limit your walls and floors to 2 stories high, aside from preventing fall damage, this is the most you can do given fall speed & building time.

3.Fortnite Building Tips While Falling

3.1.Activate Turbo Building

fortnite building tips

Turn on “Turbo Building” in your game settings. This makes sure that the next piece is automatically built when you hold down your build button.

3.2.Jumping Can Cause Fall Damage

fortnite building tips

Remember that jumping from extreme heights can add to fall damage. Don’t jump and simply run over edges/cliffs to make your character fall.

3.3.Utilize Your Camera

fortnite building tips

Exploit your camera and use it to properly angle the structures you are building! Aim your camera DOWN when building walls & floors!

3.4.Survey Cliff Shapes Before Falling

fortnite building tips

When falling, try to build on gradually descending cliffs. Cliff edges that go straight down won’t allow you to build and you’ll fall to your death!

3.5.Build With Wood

fortnite building tips

We recommend using wood as the building material when you build as you fall as it is the one that builds structures the fastest.

3.6.Practice On Playground Mode!

fortnite building tips

Build your confidence and sharpen your building skills on Playground Mode!

4.Advanced Tip: Use Impulse Grenade To Boost Up

fortnite building tips

If you find yourself falling by accident, throw an impulse grenade on the ground. The grenade has a detonation time so time your throw – the lower the height, the earlier you need to throw the grenade!


It might be a lot to digest at first, but congratulations for getting this far. We recommend to bookmark this page, if are still trying to perform all the Fortnite building tips, but hopefully you will be a PRO builder soon!

Enjoy the bonus pro tips video below.

Chapter 2 Pro Tips Video