Need free V Bucks for cosmetics in Fortnite? Already tried a fake generator? Look no further as we will cover every legal way to get as many free V Bucks as possible.

V Bucks can be used to buy Loot Llamas in Save the World PvE. Llamas award you with heroes, defenders, survivors and schematics to craft weapons and traps. It is advisable to save your V-Bucks for Super Llamas and Legendary Troll Llamas which are pricey but grant additional items, and may even guarantee legendaries.

In Battle Royale you can use V-Bucks to purchase Seasonal Battle Passes and cosmetic items. Cosmetic items include costumes, gliders and pickaxes. Furthermore, new seasons have featured new type of cosmetics including Back Blings, Skydiving FX Trails, Loading Screens, Music, Wraps and Pets. The cost of gliders, pickaxes, costumes and emotes range from 200 to 2000 V-Bucks. Seasonal Battle Passes cost 950 V-Bucks. In addition to account banners, V-Bucks is the only resource/item currently shared between the game modes.

Like the majority of online multiplayer games, Fortnite doesn’t let you purchase items with actual currency. You need to earn V-Bucks, either through purchasing them or unlocking them, to buy skins, harvesting tools, and other cosmetics items. So how do you get free V-Bucks in Fortnite?

Epic Games doesn’t offer a lot of free ways to get V-Bucks as they want you to spend money on its free-to-play battle royale. You’ll need to spend ample time in-game if you want to save up enough to afford a 1,500 V-Buck skin ($15), let alone more than one without spending much real cash.

Here are some tips to make your time building, shooting, and gliding as monetizable as possible.

How to get Free V Bucks in Fortnite

1.Daily Quests

Graph of Daily Quests with estimation of how easy, fast and luck based the Daily Quest is. Daily Quests reward you with 50-100 V-Bucks and 100 Daily Coins. Daily Quests are very rarely done on a single mission. You will automatically acquire Daily Quest every day after completing the tutorial when logging in. You can replace a Daily Quest with another once a day. Use the graph below to determine if your Daily Quest is worth to keep!

New types of Daily Quests were added in 12.20 update on March 17. Zone-specific Mission Specialist quests were removed but class-based ones now got 60 V-Bucks as the reward.

  • Exploration Party – Fully explore 3 zones in successful missions: 50 V-Bucks and 240 gold
  • Mission Specialist (Any Hero) – Complete 3 missions: 50 V-Bucks and 240 gold
  • Mission Veteran (Any Hero) – Complete 5 missions: 100 V-Bucks and 400 gold
  • Playing It Safe – Loot a Safe in a successful mission: 50 V-Bucks and 240 gold
  • Lost Treasures – Loot 5 Treasure Chests in successful missions: 50 V-Bucks and 240 gold

Save the World Daily Quests list

Daily Destroy Avg. matches free v bucks


Garden Gnomes


Propane Tanks


Park Seesaws




Fire Trucks


Arcade Machines


Server Racks


Teddy Bears


Daily Discovery








Industrial Construction


Husk Extermination








Any Hero


Assault Rifle










Sniper Rifle




Mission Specialist
Twine Peaks


Canny Valley














All Together Now


Party Of 25


Build the Radar Tower



Data seen on the graph is estimated by the opinions of a few players. Your opinion may vary from the graph.

Tips and tricks for Daily Quests

Daily Destroy Quests are doable by your teammates. Informing the others at the beginng of the mission to destroy all the TVs may help you complete the Daily Destroy Quest. You will see a yellow outline on your Daily Destroy Quest objects as well as yellow exclamation mark on the minimap when you or your teammates are near them. Go to the area what is said on the description for the best results. Avoid forest and grassland areas as they only have a few objects. You can preview the object you need to destroy by choosing the Daily Quest and pressing “Replay Intro”.

Daily Discovery Quests were added in patch V.1.10. Explore the zones to find specific locations. You need to enter the location by yourself because team mate found locations do not count.

In Husk Extermination Quests you need to kill husks or damage them before slain. You will progress on your Husk Extermination Quest if your teammate finishes the husk of any type or the mist monster you have damaged. The Quest can be done on any difficulty and in any zone or even Storm Shield Defenses.

Patch V.1.11 removed A Little Van That Could, Gate Crasher (Storm Chaser) and Data Retrieval from the Daily Quest pool as well as added Daily Coins to all Daily Quest rewards.

Patch v4.3 (May 30th) added new Husk Extermination (Melee, Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Pistol and Trap) and “Build the Radar Tower” daily quests. The patch also lowered objective counts required for specific Destroy, Discovery, and Extermination Daily Quests.

Keep in mind that all the Daily Quests can be done on any difficulty. The Battle Royale game mode has it’s own separate Daily Quests which reward no V-Bucks. For more tips and tricks see the tips page.


2.Login Rewards Grant Free V Bucks

List of every Daily Login Reward that grant V-Bucks in Fortnite. Save the World’s Daily Login Rewards were greatly improved on patch 1.8 and the rewards include V-Bucks, rare to legendary items, Llamas, evolution materials, XP Boosts and People. 1000 V-Bucks are rewarded on login day 336 and 800 V-Bucks on day 112 and 224. Login Rewards grant total of 10 000 V-Bucks in 336 days (~30 V-Bucks/day) and after day 336 the cycle starts again from day 1. Fortnite’s Battle Royale doesn’t feature Daily Login Rewards.

Day Reward
11 50 V-Bucks
28 300 V-Bucks
35 150 V-Bucks
49 150 V-Bucks
56 300 V-Bucks
70 150 V-Bucks
77 150 V-Bucks
84 300 V-Bucks
91 150 V-Bucks
98 150 V-Bucks
105 150 V-Bucks
112 800 V-Bucks
119 150 V-Bucks
126 150 V-Bucks
133 150 V-Bucks
140 300 V-Bucks
147 150 V-Bucks
154 150 V-Bucks
161 150 V-Bucks
168 300 V-Bucks
175 150 V-Bucks
182 150 V-Bucks
Day Reward
189 150 V-Bucks
196 300
203 150 V-Bucks
210 150
217 150 V-Bucks
224 800
231 150 V-Bucks
238 150
245 150
252 300
259 150
266 150
273 150
280 300
287 150
294 150
301 150
308 300
315 150
322 150
329 150
336 1000

Other great rewards from daily logins

There are other great rewards on specific days. These great rewards include Legendary Heroes, Legendary Hero and Survivor Transform Keys. In addition, login rewards have Upgrade Llamas around once a week.

Day Reward
21 Legendary Hero Transform Key
63 Legendary Survivor Transform Key
81 Legendary Survivor Transform Key
100 Legendary Hero Transform Key

Get the most out of Login Rewards

Remember to login every day to make it to the V-Buck rewarded days faster. In addition to the V-Buck reward days there are Llamas, schematics and more which you can use to level up your Collection Book. Daily Login streak is not lost when you miss the login from one day, you will continue from the same one the next day.


3.Timed Missions

Fortnite features Timed Missions which grant bonus rewards like evolution materials, experience, schematics, heroes, defenders, survivors, perk resources or V-Bucks. Each Timed Mission’s bonus reward can be claimed once on completion. Timed Missions are marked on the map with a clock sign and the missions rotate every 24 hours. There are a few types of Timed Missions but only Mini-Boss missions can reward V-Bucks. Mini-Boss missions are also known as Mini-Boss Mission Alerts or just Mission Alerts. You can view the current Mini-Boss Mission Alerts in Fortnite above!

V-Bucks as a Mini-Boss mission reward is pretty common and not possible as regular mission rewards. The rewards are 25-40 V-Bucks on a single mission and the missions change once every day. Completing the same mission again will not grant you the bonus reward. Other types of Timed Missions like Storm missions can only reward evolution materials as the bonus reward. Elemental Storm missions reward elemental perk resources for their respective elements. Events have also featured their own types of Timed Missions.

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Unlocking new areas and Timed Missions in Fortnite

Progressing on your main questline will eventually unlock new areas with more missions to play. Each Storm Shield Defense on your questline will reveal more mission spots on that area. You begin the game from Stonewood and need to complete the questline of 34 quests to unlock Plankerton. You will gain access to Canny Valley after completing Plankerton questline. The final area you unlock is Twine Peaks. Each area is significantly harder than the last one and more quests are needed for the next area. High V-Buck rewards are more often found from harder areas. In addition to the new mission spots, you will also unlock different types of missions, materials and daily quests as you progress.

fortnite free v bucks timed mission

On top of the page you can see the current Mini-Boss Mission Alerts including the rewards without launching the game, fetched directly from Save the World servers every 15 minutes. No matter where the V-Buck reward mission is, there will be a lot of people completing it for the free V-Bucks.

4.Main Questline

Main Questline features Storm Shield Defense missions around every tenth quest with 100 V-Bucks and Skill Points as the reward. Beginning of the game, it’s even more frequent and you will rack up quite some just by advancing in the story. Storm Shield Defenses reward you and your teammates with Hero Experience and Mini Llamas. Asking for help in the global chat is advised and many will happily help you for the rewards and “Hold The Door!” challenge progress.

Main Questline areas in Fortnite

Main Questline is divided to 4 different areas. You will unlock the next area after completing a set amount of quests. There are 6 Storm Shield Defense quests on each area’s questline, regardless of how many quests the area has. Storm Shield Defense quests grant 100 V-Bucks, making it a total of 600 V-Bucks for completing each area’s questline. In addition, Storm Shield Defense 7, 8, 9 and 10 will appear as Side Quests when you play the game further. Storm Shield Defense 10 grants 150 V-Bucks, making it a total of 1050 V-Bucks for each area.

Stonewood‘s questline consists of 34 quests. Stonewood’s 1st, 9th, 16th, 23th, 28th and 34th quests are Storm Shield Defenses missions.

Plankerton‘s questline consists of 51 quests and therefore Storm Shield Defense missions are not as frequent as in Stonewood.

Canny Valley‘s questline consists of 81 quests and therefore Storm Shield Defense missions are not as frequent as in Stonewood or Plankerton.

Twine Peaks‘s questline consists of 98 quests and therefore Storm Shield Defense missions are not as frequent as in the previous areas.

Stonewood Quests

List of all Stonewood quests. Remember that this is just a fraction of the whole questline and the progression in Stonewood are done faster than in the next areas as many quests are done on the menus. Hover over the mission names for the quest description.

Mission Reward
1. Homebase Storm Shield Defense 1 Uncommon BASE Kyle hero, 150 Hero XP & 100
2. Constructor Leadership 150x Wood, 150x Stone & 150x Metal
3. Before and After Science Automatic Sniper schematic, 200x Medium Bullets & 1 Skill Point
4. Weakpoint Vision Uncommon Wall Darts schematic, 150 Schematic XP & 1 Skill Point
5. Unlock Squads Uncommon Survivor
6. EMT Worker (Slot) 150 Survivor XP
7. Ride the Lightning Handmade Healing Pad schematic & 150 Schematic XP
8. Homebase Storm Shield Defense 2 100 & 1 Skill Point
9. Hero Training – Stage 1 Uncommon Assault Rifle schematic & 150 Schematic XP
10. Weapon Enhancement 3x Copper Ore & 5x Rusty Mechanical Parts
11. Gimme Three Uncommon Survivor & 1000 Survivor XP
12. Retrieve the Data Uncommon Ranged Weapon schematic & 250 Schematic XP
13. Home Defender (Unlock) Trainee Rifleman defender
14. Homebase Defender (Slot) Defender Post schematic
15. Homebase Storm Shield Defense 3 100 & 1 Skill Point
16. Mission Defender (Unlock) Common Gunslinger defender
17. Mission Defender (Slot) Junkyard Pal revolver schematic
18. Treasured Friends Predator rifle schematic
19. Keep Circulating the Tapes 3x Copper Ore & 1x Rotating Gizmo
20. Rescue the Survivors Common Bruiser defender, Highlander sword schematic & 500 Hero XP
21. It’s a Trap! Uncommon Ceiling Gas Trap schematic
22. Homebase Storm Shield Defense 4 100 V-Bucks & 1 Skill Point
23. Medic! Uncommon Tank Penny hero & 1000 Hero XP
24. Leave Only Footprints Common Sniper defender, Extinguisher sniper schematic & 1000 Hero XP
25. The Knack Epic doctor Lead Survivor, 1000 Survivor XP
26. Life and Death Healing Pad schematic & 1500 Schematic XP
27. Homebase Storm Shield Defense 5 100 & 1 Skill Point
28. A Voice in the Night Common Shotgunner defender, Kodiak shotgun schematic & 1500 Hero XP
29. Supply Run Rocket Launcher schematic
30. Countdown Mini Reward Llama
31. Treacherous Treasure 1x Training Manual, 1x Trap Designs & 1x Weapon Designs
32. Signal Boost Warhammer heavy hammer schematic
33. Homebase Storm Shield Defense 6 100 & 1 Skill Point
34. Van or Astro-van? Player Jump Pad (Up) schematic, Player Jump Pad (Directional) schematic & 10x Pure Drop of Rain

5.Side Quests

There are a lot of Side Quests and Challenges in Fortnite. Some of them grant bacon, experience or other items and some reward you with V-Bucks. Challenges are repetitive for a few times. Progressing in the main questline grants new Challenges and Side Quests. Eventually, you will run out of Challenges and the V-Buck income from them is lost. Side Quests features finding Shielder data samples and completing Storm Shield Defenses up to level 10 after completing each area. Stonewood, Plankerton, Canny Valley and Twine Peak questline end after 6 Storm Shield Defenses leaving behind a 6 level Storm Shield.

List of all known Side Quests which grant V-Bucks.

  • Lok’s Book of Monsters – Gather sample data of a specific type of husk in successful missions. Some reward you with V-Bucks.
  • Lok’s Book of Monsters: Floating Freaks – Gather 20 pieces of Shielder Data in successful missions. 100 V-Bucks reward.
  • Stonewood/Plankerton/Canny Valley/Twine Peaks Storm Shield Defense 7-10 (outside of Main Questline). 100 V-Bucks reward for each completion. 10th Storm Shield Defense of each area rewards 150 V-Bucks.

Repetitive Challenges

List of all Challenges which grant V-Bucks in Fortnite. Every challenge come in 20 stages, later stages need more work to be completed.

  • Mission Accomplished! – Complete X missions. 50 V-Bucks are rewarded for each stage completion. Repetitive 20 times.
  • Hold The Door! – Complete X Storm Shield Defenses. 50 V-Bucks are rewarded for each stage completion. Repetitive 20 times.
  • Toxic Treasures – Destroy X Mimics in successful missions. 30 V-Bucks are rewarded for each stage completion. Repetitive 20 times.

You can earn total of 2600 V-Bucks over time just from the Challenges. Other challenges are “Eldritch Abominations” which grant an Active Powercell for killing Mist Monsters and “Leave No One Behind” which grant 10 Bacons and good amounts of Survivor XP for saving survivors.


Fortnite events used to grant a lot of V-Bucks. Events have had their own separate questlines and even progression systems.

Events have introduced new heroes, weapons, traps and survivors and have granted free legendaries as well as V-Bucks when completed. Event store changes with each event. During the events you will earn event specific currency to buy Event Llamas with. Heroes, schematics and other items are this way earned for free without the need of V-Bucks. Normal V-Buck bought Llamas reward you with the current event’s currency.

Current Event: No Dancing & School of Hard Knox + Cram Session

No Dancing started February 20, 2020 with the patch v12.00.

School of Hard Knox and Cram Session started March 17, 2020 with the patch v12.20.

Major Oswald will not allow Homebase to suffer at the hands of the enemy – the dreaded Love Storm. Operation Broken Hearts begins at oh-eight-right now. Defeat Homebase’s most prominent enemy to unlock Stoneheart Farrah (Bow Ninja!).

An unlikely hero arrives at homebase. Does he have what it takes to join the fight? Complete the School of Hard Knox quest to unlock Gold Knox, the new Constructor.

Level-up and evolve your favorite items during the Cram Session mini-event!

  • For the duration of the event, Mini-Boss Mission Alerts will drop additional XP, Evolution Material, RE-Perk, or Perk-UP rewards instead of one.
  • Mini-Boss Mission Alerts will continue to drop Tickets.
  • Added four quest lines, each of which has ten stages that grant increasingly better one-time rewards upon completion. (Hero/Schematic/Survivor XP, Evolution Materials, PERK-UPs, or Gold).
  • This event will be available until April 3rd.

What about Free V Bucks Generator. Does it work?

The site has a fancy Fortnite themed V Bucks generator? It might even use the same font and graphics as Fortnite. It might also show you a list of people who used it or maybe even a fake chat on the page. The scam websites may ask for your username, platform and the amount of V-Bucks you want. After you have entered your information the generator will probably show you text like connecting to server and generating V-Bucks but the “human verification” will fail.

Those all are JavaScript and made only to trick you into believing it. To trick you into trying to complete the “human verification” step that has nothing to do with human verification.

Some sites might need you to link the website with your referral link to others before you get to “generate V-Bucks” but after that you need to “verify that you are a human”. This is all just to spread the website link that will not work for anyone and get more people to fall for it.

Beware of scam “free V Bucks Generator”

All the ways of getting free V-Bucks in Fortnite are listed on this article. Beware of the scam V-Bucks hacks, cheats and generators found on the web. Those sites ask you to put in your username, maybe answer some survey questions and you’ll get as many free V-Bucks as you’d like. Those sites aren’t real and will steal your account credentials or trick you to click on possibly malicious ads (disguised as “human verification”)!

There are websites and social media groups/posts that are claiming to offer “free” V-Bucks or other in-game items. These offers may be phishing attempts or may otherwise be dangerous. We strongly encourage you to not visit these websites or social media groups/posts and to not click links claiming “free” V-Bucks or in-game items.

But it said it works

The graphics, texts, lists of users and everything there is just fake and “hard-coded” into the website and no such actions are actually made. Connecting to the database and actually adding V-Bucks to an account is not even possible. Getting access from outside of Fortnite to your account is a massive data breach, that doesn’t happen.

Viewing your account info is not possible outside of Fortnite, neither is modifying it! Game companies have procedures to detect if account’s currencies like V-Bucks amount suddenly increases. So, even though any of those would magically work (which is not possible), you would most likely get suspended because it is against the rules. Why would you even try? All these kind of sites work the same way on other games too.

Don’t make money for these scammers. Stay safe and earn free v bucks the legal way!